International Market

Working to overcome production and commercial barriers

In just a little over 10 years the Fai Filtri production destined abroad has increased its sales from 20% to almost 75%.
This data is reflected among 80 Countries and demonstrates how Fai Filtri's technological skills, productivity and flexibility translate into absolute competitiveness. Achieving and maintaining this result naturally required adequate facilities and constant attention to various needs. The next goal is to reach 80%: the first step was taken with the full acquisition of the Fai Filtri branch office in China, which diffuses our products from Shanghai in today's largest market.

Our branch offices: a strategic choice

Responding always more concretely to service needs and product availability: it is a priority in Italy but even more so at an international level.
Our Fai Filtri China, Fai Filtri Canada and Fai Filtri Malaysia branches are companies that operate with the same spirit as their parent company, pursuing the same Customer Satisfaction and guaranteeing the necessary technical and logistic support for Your business strategies.  
They became Fai Filtri's strong point due to distribution needs, often suggesting new technological and commercial directions.