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New Industry 4.0 project

Fai Filtri has decided to merge two company departments and reorganize its production scheme with the aim to reduce material movements and rationalize production processes. The novelty involves gluing and pleating phases: the two lines remain separate, but are now in the same building.

"The study on the shape and size of the material to be handled has allowed us to reduce the number of movements of the semi-finished products towards the next operation. The volume of material moved is decreased by 50% - says Eng. Antonino Sabatino, Fai Filtri's Production Manager - Thanks to these studies conducted by the company, the production process is now able to adapt more effectively to the demands of a market that asks more frequent, but in low-volume batches".

All the Fai Filtri sectors, were involved in the reorganization except of oil separation: the semi-finished products in microfibre, paper and mesh flow along the lines affected by the novelty. "The new scheme - continues Sabatino - brings two more benefits: firstly, it becomes very easy to vary the type of filter produced according to planning; secondly, production becomes modular and leaves room for the introduction of new machines to increase the volume of the production". In this direction, new machines are being studied to improve process performance.

"Currently - concludes Sabatino - productivity in the department affected by the reorganization has grown by 20% and, with the introduction of new machines for gluing addictions, it will see a further increase of 15%".

For the introduction of these changes, the contribution of the Lean Manufacturing department of Fai Filtri was decisive, through the analysis of the Value Stream Mapping.

"With these innovations our company has launched a new Industry 4.0 project - says with satisfaction Roberto Pasotto, Fai Filtri's General Manager - We have responded to this very complex historical moment by trying to rationalize and improve production performance. The merger of the departments involves the displacement of some employees of gluing and pleating lines, but has no negative impact on employment".


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Fai Filtri will be present at AICD from 28 to 30 April 2024.


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Fai Filtri will participate in the 12th EXCON from 12th to 16th December.


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