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Privacy notice in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 of the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR)

FAI FILTRI S.r.l. (VAT code PI: 01585440165 - Tax code), in the person of its temporary legal representative with offices in Strada Provinciale Francesca, 7 - 24040 Pontirolo Nuovo (BG), as the data controller, informs you that, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the European Regulation 679/2016 (cd. GDPR) that governs and regulates the protection of personal data and their free circulation, your personal data will be processed in accordance with the above-mentioned provisions - respecting the principles of correctness, lawfulness, proportionality of interests and transparency and the safeguarding of your privacy and rights - for the purposes and with the methods and terms explained below.

-1- Purpose, method and legal basis for data processing

This privacy policy applies exclusively to online activities on this website, and is valid for those visiting or using the site. It does not apply to information gathered via channels other than this website. The aim of the privacy notice is to ensure the utmost transparency with regards the information that the site collects, and how that information is used.

Your personal data will be processed solely for purposes strictly linked with, and instrumental to, the fulfilment of obligations relating to relations with our company. In particular:

Personal data are processed by means of the operations indicated in Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 4 no. 2) GDPR, and more specifically: collection, registration, organisation, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blockage, communication, deletion and destruction.

Personal data will be processed by the person(s) in charge, or those authorised, using the owner's storage media and respecting all precautionary measures to ensure security and confidentiality. The data will not be used for profiling or in automated decision-making processes.

The data will be stored by the data owner and by the persons that he/she has delegated for data processing. In any case, your personal data will be stored and processed within the boundaries of the European economic area and only transferred outside that area with your explicit consent.

If you provide comments and/or personal data when requesting information and/or specific services (e.g. a request for commercial information, registration on our portal, subscription to our newsletter), such data will be intended as voluntarily supplied by the user when requesting the service. By entering a comment or any other information, the user explicitly accepts this privacy notice. This website may process certain personal data on the basis of the data owner's legitimate interests, as envisaged by Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 6 of the European Regulation 679/206.

The data received will be used exclusively for the purpose of providing the service requested, and only for the time needed to provide the service. Information that website users choose to make public, via the services and tools at their disposition, are knowingly and voluntarily supplied: this site cannot therefore be held responsible for any violation of the law. The user is responsible for ensuring that he/she is authorised to enter the personal data of third parties or contents protected by national and international regulations.

The data gathered by the website during its use are employed solely for the purposes indicated above, and stored only for the time strictly needed to carry out the activities listed. Such data will never be handed over to third parties for any reason whatsoever unless legitimately requested by the judicial authorities in the specific cases envisaged by the law.

-2- Nature of the data collection and consequences of failure to provide data

Like all websites, this one uses log files containing information gathered in an automated manner during users' visits. The following information may be gathered:

- Internet protocol address (IP)

- type of browser and parameters of the device used to connect to the site

- name of the Internet service provider (ISP)

- date and time of the visit

- the web page visited previously (referral), and the next one

- possibly the number of clicks

The above information is processed in an automated manner and gathered in aggregate form only, to ensure that the site is functioning properly, for security reasons, and for the legitimate interests of the owner (as laid down in the regulations in force).

For security purposes (spam filters, firewall, virus detection), automatically recorded data may also include personal data such as the IP address, which may be used - in compliance with the relative laws - to block any possible attempts to damage the site itself or cause damage to other users, or in any case to prevent harmful or illegal activities. These data are never used to identify or profile the user, but only to safeguard the website and its users or for the legitimate interests of the data owner.

By using or consulting this website, visitors and users explicitly accept this privacy notice and consent to the processing of their personal data in relation to the methods and aims described below, including any possible diffusion to third parties if this is necessary in order to supply a service. Supplying your data - and therefore consenting to its gathering and processing - is optional, but denying your consent may make it impossible to provide certain services and the use of the site may consequently be less profitable. Consenting to the use of your data for marketing and/or advertising purposes (the sending of e-mails and/or publicity information) is optional, and requires not only the provision of your personal data but also an explicit request from you via the opt-in function on this website.

-3- Times and terms

The data owner, the persons in charge, and the persons authorised to deal with data processing will handle all personal data for the time needed to fulfil the purposes outlined above and, in any case, for no longer than 10 years after relations have ceased, where envisaged or required by the regulations in force.

With regards the data supplied in order to receive commercial information, newsletters and regular notices, they will continue to be processed until an "unsubscribe" request is received.

-4- Data communication and diffusion

For the purposes of the contract (i.e. the services you have requested) and for the aims listed above, your personal data may be passed on to:

·               physical and juridical persons (e.g. legal, administrative and fiscal studios, auditing firms, carriers and forwarding agents, data processing centres, IT consultants, suppliers, etc.) if necessary for the aims listed above

·               banks, for the purpose of managing receipts and payments

·               factoring or credit recovery companies

·               our delegated contract workers and employees, within the sphere of their relative duties

·               SMTP providers, for the sending of newsletters

The D.P.O. (if nominated by the owner voluntarily or under obligation), and the name and number of the people in charge, may vary so you are advised to consult our Internet site, where you can find all the updated information on the dedicated page: Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or e-mail: 03/63880024,

-5- Your rights

You can call 03/63880024 or write to at any time to exercise your rights in relation to the data processing owner, in accordance with European Regulation 679/2016 (printed below).

The person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence and/or the fact that his/her personal data are being processed (even if not yet recorded), and to read such data in an intelligible form.

The person concerned has the right to know:

·               the origin of his/her personal data (particularly in cases where such data were not gathered from the individual in question and, in the event  of data transfer to a third party country, the existence of appropriate guarantees in accordance with art. 46 of the Regulation)

·               the processing aims and methods

·               the logic applied when processing is carried out with the aid of electronic tools

·               the ID data of the owner, the people in charge, and the designated representative

·               the persons - or categories of persons - that his/her personal data may be passed on to, or to whom it may be available owing to their role as designated representatives of the people in charge or authorised

·               the categories of personal data being processed

·               the data storage period or the criteria used to define that period

·               of the existence of automated decision-making processes (with particular reference to profiling) and the logic that they apply

·               of the right to obtain a copy of the personal data being processed

The person concerned also has the right to demand:

·               the updating and correction or integration of his/her data, when such modifications are in his/her interest

·               the deletion, transformation into an anonymous form, or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including data whose storage is not necessary for the aims for which they were gathered or subsequently processed

·               proof that the operations indicated in a) and b) have been communicated (also in terms of content) to those to whom the data has been made available, barring situations where this is impossible or requires an intervention out of proportion with the right in question

·               the portability of his/her data (transmitting them to another data owner), contacting 03/63880024 or to make an explicit request

·               the deletion of his/her data from our archives, in accordance with art.17 pt. 1 letters a) to f) of the Regulation ("right to be forgotten"), by contacting 03/63880024 or

·               that the processing of his/her data be limited, in accordance with art. 18 pt. 1, letters a) to d) of the Regulation

The person concerned has the right to wholly or partially oppose the processing of his/her data:

·               for legitimate reasons linked to his/her own situation, even if such processing is relevant to the aim for which the data were gathered

·               for the purposes of sending out advertising material, direct sales material or commercial information, or for carrying out market research

·               in accordance with art. 6, pt.1 letters e) and f), including profiling on the basis of those provisions

If the data processing is based on the consent of the person concerned, that person has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time, contacting 03/63880024 or to make an explicit request.

The person concerned also has the right to make a complaint to the Supervisory Authority.

The above-listed rights can be exercised by making a request to the data owner or person in charge via telephone or e-mail (using the contact info given), or by means of a registered letter.


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The ( website uses cookies to offer simple and efficient services for users who visit When users visit the website a minimal quantity of data will be stored on their device, be it a computer or mobile device. The data is stored in small files known as "cookies", which are saved in the directories used by the given browser. Various types of cookies exist, some improve efficacy when using the website, others enable specific functions.

More specifically our cookies enable us to:

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In accordance with applicable law, is not required to ask for consent to technical and analytical cookies, since the services requested depend on these cookies.

The user may express his/her preferences for any other type of cookie in any of the following ways:

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Both of these solutions may keep the user from being able to view or use portions of the website.

Third-party websites and services

The website may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policies. These may be different from the privacy policy adopted by; therefore, the website cannot be held accountable for these other sites.

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