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The range of filter elements for EDM has been renewed

Fai Filtri has recently renewed its range of products for the micro-filtration of cooling/lubricating fluids and fluids for wire or sinker machines (EDM). The experience, the continuous research and the constant implementation of the production allow Fai Filtri to always be at the forefront and to maintain high quality standards.

The main required feature of filters for EDM sector is the high storage capacity: this means being able to use the machinery for several hours, removing large amounts of metal from the workpieces before having to replace the filter. In addition, the dielectric bath in which the pieces are immersed must always remain clean, thus maximizing the efficiency of the material removal process by melting.

With these aims, Fai Filtri has decided to make a series of improvements to the filter elements of CFE Range, specific for EDM, improving their structural strength thanks to an adjustment of metal sheets thickness and to reinforced welds with the most advanced technology. At the same time, the filtering surface was maximized and particular precautions were adopted during the joining and gluing processes. The pluses? Many more hours of operation, low pressure drops and long intervals between maintenance operations.

The main technical characteristic of the CFE Series is the wide filtering surface of the whole range of models along with high efficiency cellulose fibers filtering media, manufactured with a special rustication that allows a use of the filter element by keeping the folds distanced and even despite possible high pressure losses due to progressive clogging. An accurate choice of the materials (end-caps, supporting pipes, glues, etc... ) and very good manufacturing and testing standards, make the CFE Series mechanically resistant in order to support for an economically convenient period of time, without being damaged, the hardest working conditions, granting a product of the same quality of those manufactured by the best producers of EDM machines.


Events: April 2024 - AICD

Fai Filtri will be present at AICD from 28 to 30 April 2024.


Events: December 2023 - EXCON

Fai Filtri will participate in the 12th EXCON from 12th to 16th December.


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